Quality Guarantee

We work hard to get your order right the first time, and we guarentee that your final product will be free of any manufacturing defects. Our team of dedicated profeshionals also guarantees prints will not be defective in accordance with CMYK industry standards for pleasing color.

We offer no guarantee of "match-print" color fidelity and cannot prevent slight color shift throughout an order. Northbear Printing does not guarantee color will match the preview as it appears on a customer's monitor, as we cannot compensate for color variance on each customer's monitor. Northbear Printing is not responsible for any color shift that occurs in conversions from RGB to CMYK color modes. We recommend all custom designs be designed in CMYK and uploaded in CMYK. You may also upload in RBG if you choose. However, the color will be converted and may not be as accurate. If you do upload in CMYK, we ask you to design using our preferred color profile for better color accuracy. Northbear Printing uses the US Sheetfed Coated V2 color profile.

If product is deemed defective due to the fault of Northbear Printing, one of the following resolutions will be offered:

1. If a reprint is requested, and the product is found to be defective, Northbear Printing will reprint at no charge to the customer with the same production and delivery terms extending from the time of resolution. Samples may be requested prior to any action being taken; or

2. If a refund is requested, a Customer Retention representative will contact you to help issue your RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Customer must contact a Northbear Printing representative within five business days of communication from Northbear Printing' Customer Retention representative to verify the request. Northbear Printing reserves the right to request and review samples of the claimed defective product before issuing an RMA. If the product is found to be defective due to customer error, an RMA will not be issued and a refund will not be authorized. If the product is found to be defective due to a Northbear Printing error, the product may be asked to be returned. The product must be received by Northbear Printing within 30 days after an RMA is issued. Refunds will be processed only after an RMA has been issued and the entire product has been returned to and reviewed by Northbear Printing.

Although refunds will not be offered for customer errors, Northbear Printing may permit the customer to correct their error and reprint the original order at 50% of the cost for each reprinted item. In such event, customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Customer errors include typos, incorrect file submission in accordance with our specifications, duplicate orders, misunderstandings of turnaround time stated on our FAQ page, slight color variances within four color (CMYK) industry standards for pleasing color, disregard for cutting and folding tolerances within stated limits on the website, undeliverable packages/3rd delivery attempts and orders returned without an RMA. Other errors that customers are responsible for include blank cards, borders, incorrect card orientation, crop marks, incorrect folding orientation, hard to read text and images, missing logos, low resolution images, images that are not full bleed, colors that are out of gamut, designs that are outside of our stated safe zone and pixelated files.

The following errors are also deemed customer errors and do not qualify for a free reprint:

  1. Designs where the text and other graphical objects are not placed well within the safe zone. Northbear Printing recommends that text and other graphical objects be placed well within the safe zone. Customers should leave some space between the objects and the safe zone boundary;
  2. Files that are submitted only to the trim line. This type of error may result in a product with an unaligned white border. Northbear Printing recommends all backgrounds be designed to extend to the full bleed line;
  3. Designs that have a border; Natural shifting occurs as the cutting blade moves through the paper. Borders may result in uneven proportions.
  4. Files with rounded corners designed into the image.

If a print is found to be defective due to the fault of Northbear Printing, then you may contact Northbear Printing to request a reprint or refund. Northbear Printing must be contacted via e-mail at wadejordan@gmail.com or by phone at 888-565-0466 within 30 days of receiving your order.